PERFECT Sonic electric toothbrush USB wireless charging

Short Description:

35000 strokes/min maglev sonic motor, super effective cleaning.

USB wireless charging and IPX7 waterproof easy and convenient for use at home or traveling.

Product Detail

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Basic Info

Model Number

#DC002 Adult Electric Toothbrush

Handle Material


Bristle Type

Soft Tynex Bristle

Charging Mode

USB Rechargeable Wireless Inductive Charging.

Vibration Frequency


Wording mode

5 Modes

Rated voltage

DC 3.7V

Rated wattage


Battery capacity


Waterproof Level

IPX7 Waterproof Level


1 year.

Executive standard

Q/321001 YSV 13



8 Advantages Meet You Needs

● Magnetic levitation motors with big-name quality assurance;

● 35,000 strokes per minute, high cleaning power can be easily achieved;

● Creative inserting method of bristles makes it possible to clean teeth in all directions and leave zero dead ends;

● Multi-level care modes to meet different needs;

● Wireless charging gives you a new experience of smart life;

● IPX7 waterproof, which is safer and more secure;

● 2 minutes smart timer with interval pause reminding each 30 seconds;

● 30 days standby, easy and convenient for use at home or traveling. 


Perfect adult electric toothbrush, makes an innovative change to traditional manual toothbrush, and opens up a new experience of tooth cleaning!

We have designed different types of electric toothbrushes for different consumer groups. You can choose the right electric toothbrush according to your needs. Each electric toothbrush has its own characteristics: humanization design and ease of using.

How to use adult electric toothbrush?

1.Install the brush head Put the brush head firmly into the toothbrush shaft until the brush head is snapped into place with the metal shaft.

2. Adjust the softness of the bristles with warm water: 

warm water: soft; 

cold water: moderate;

 ice water: slightly hard. 

It is highly recommended for first time users to soak in warm water (below 40℃) before use! The bristles after soaking in warm water are very soft and smooth, and it feels very comfortable to brush, so use 2~5 times to get used to, the softness of the bristles will be decided according to your preference.

3. How to squeeze toothpaste: Can be used with any brand of toothpaste. Squeeze the appropriate amount of toothpaste vertically against the middle of the brush bristles. To avoid splashing toothpaste, it is best to squeeze toothpaste before turning on the power.

4. How to brush teeth effectively: When brushing, set the brush head by the thinnest incisor. Let the teeth get caught in the middle of the bristles pulling back and forth with moderate force. After the toothpaste foams, turn on the electric switch and after the brush head vibrates with moderate force, move the toothbrush back and forth from the incisors to the back teeth to clean all the teeth! In general, the use of electric toothbrush brushing each time only two minutes to play a thorough cleaning effect.

5. How to use tongue scraper: After brushing your teeth, it is best to use the tongue scraping prongs on the back of the brush head to scrape the tongue to achieve a thorough tongue cleaning effect.

6. To avoid foam splashing, please turn off the toothbrush power before removing it from your mouth.

7. How to clean toothbrush bristles: After each brushing, put the brush head into water, turn on the electric switch, gently shake it a few times, and then tap the brush head to wash the foreign matter and toothpaste left on the bristles.

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