PERFECT Canister disposable wipes

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Conveniently cleanings for all kinds of wipes.

Just add your own formula and label!

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Certificate US GMPC | ISO22716 | ISO9001 | ISO13485 | BRC | US FDA | US EPA | BSCI | Sedex | Disney FAMA | CNAS Lab Testing Center
Materials  Spunlace nonwovens
Sheet Size 20*15cm/20*18cm/20*30cm or customized
Counts Multiple Count, like 30-150 counts as per customers requirments
Application For all kinds of wipes catagory
Formulation Baby wipes/Disinfecting wipes/Pet wipes/Bathroom wipes/All purpose wipes/Hygienic cleaning wipes/Kitchen wipes/Organic wipes,Dry wipes,etc
Fragrance Customized scented or unscented
OEM/ODM Yes, packing and size all acceptable.


VERSATILE WIPES DISPENSER: The innovative design holds cleaning wipe containers with a stylish and timeless flair.

DESIGN IN MIND: The sleek design will add to your home decor. Keep your wipes in reach with a clean design that is easy on the eyes.

MULTIPLE COUNT: This container can hold both 35,40,75,80,100,120,140 counts wipe. No matter what size you normally buy, this container helps create a dedicated, easily accessible cleaning station that anyone can use to tidy the house.

AIRTIGHT SEAL: To use, remove the lid of the original wipe container, slide the canister into the dispenser, feed the wet wipes through the dispenser, and then screw the airtight lid on to keep wipes wet and fresh.

PLASTIC CANISTER +LID: Press the button to release the top of the lid for one-handed access to cleaning wipes, while the non-slip ring on the base keeps the dispenser in place.

Just add your own formula and label!

ENVIRONMENTALY FRIENDLY: Our canisters can be reused (depends on your formula) or recycled.

PERFECT Canister disposable wipes (8)6


1.Open the lid and tear of the plastic wrap.

2.The head of the wipes goes through the center hole of the end.

3.Cover the lid and use it.

4.Close the lid in case of the wipes becomes dry.

PERFECT Canister disposable wipes


1.For external use only.

2.Avoid contact with eyes.

3.Store in cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

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