PERFCT Participated in Drafting the First Group Standard of Powered Oral Irrigators(water floss)

Recently, the group standard “Powered Oral Irrigators” (T/CHEAA 0014-2020), drafted by PERFECT GROUP CORP.,LTD., was officially released, and officially implemented on December 15, 2020, which is also the first domestic industry standard of powered oral irrigators that PERFCT participated in drafting and issuing. This group standard fills the blank in the domestic industry standard of electric toothbrushes, which is conducive to promoting the orderly development of the industry and improving the quality of the industry.

In 2020, a sudden epidemic has awakened the awareness of oral health in China. In the rapid growth of the health industry, the oral health industry also ushered in a new round of growth points. The increasing demand for oral care stimulates the development and innovation of various products in oral care industry. The release of the group standard of “Powered Oral Irrigators” is in response to the market development demand in the oral industry and provides support and guarantee for Chinese people to enjoy more professional and standardized oral care products. The implementation of the industry standard of “Powered Oral Irrigators” will guide the benign development of the electric tooth flusher product industry, enable consumers to identify the products of standardized enterprises more intuitively, and guide the normative development of the electric tooth flusher market.

In the same year Perfect Anchorless Toothbrush Won the Meiyi Award for Best Products

Meiyi Award is jointly created by China Beauty Exposition (Shanghai CBE) and C2CC China Cosmetics Network. It is launched every May on the occasion of China Beauty Exposition. It aims to inject new vitality into the whole industry with the theme of science and technology and innovation. It is a benchmarking activity for the cosmetics industry. The comprehensiveness of the award-winning conditions, the fairness of the selection process and the wide participation of all sectors of society are the three characteristics of the “Mei-Yi Award” and the rigid standard of the cosmetics industry award with high gold content in China.

Post time: Jun-14-2022